Lube Oil Line Flushing


Lube oil flushing is a pre-commissioning procedure designed to flush the lube oil lines of a gas/steam turbine to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The oil used is the same as the manufacturer’s specification.

The process utilizes a high velocity pump, filter canister, that uses 5 micron filters, oil cooler, and an oil heater. Each bearing journal is bypassed and has a strainer placed in the jumper for individual flow path testing. Initially the oil reservoir is hand cleaned, filled with manufacturers specified oil, then circulated using the flush pump through the filters until it meets the cleanliness requirement. Then each journal bearing is flushed to the same degree of cleanliness.

The high velocity pump provides for a fast process that is generally one-quarter of the time required by the manufacturer with verifiable results. CCT uses an industrial particle counter for oil analysis, and has third party verification of oil samples to meet any oil spec.